Printable Home Buyers Guides

You’re planning. You’re meeting at the kitchen table planning your future together. You’ve already read over the ultimate first time home buyer guide but If you’re staring at a checklist you’ve made on your phone then your partner just might think your attention is elsewhere, so here’s a sheet for you to print and work through.

relocation guide

This is a handy list for you to explore what you really want in a house before you buy or rent in a new city.

Download the Printable Relocation Preference Checklist PDF

New home relocation preference checklist

Download the Printable Mortgage Preapproval Document Checklist

Printable mortgage pre approval document checklist

Get The Relocation Checklist From Google Sheets

Bullet List For You To Explore

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Carpet, tile or hardwood
  • Commute
  • Yard Size
  • Parking or Garage
  • One Story or Multi Story
  • Condo, Duplex, Loft or House
  • Jacuzi Bathtub
  • Multi-sink bathroom
  • Active or quiet neighborhood
  • Trees & landscaping
  • Gas or electric heating/stove
  • Fireplace
  • Pet Friendly
  • Architecture style: Craftsman, Mission, Modern, Colonial Etc.