Documentation You Need For Your Mortgage Pre-Approval

Paperwork is stressful.

Missing Loan documentation is especially if you don’t even know you need it!

But don’t stress! We’ve got you covered.

The documents you need for your Home Loan/Mortgage Pre Approval


This is all the documentation needed for a loan preapproval.  You will need to provide this information within 5 days of requesting your pre-approval, so it’s helpful to go through this list and put your papers all in a handy folder for easy access.

Download our printable mortgage preapproval document checklist

Checklist of Mortgage Pre Approval Documents Needed For Your Application

    • Most recent pay stubs representing your earnings for the last 30 days
    • Last 2 years W2s for all jobs
    • Most recent two months bank statements for all accounts, including checking and savings
    • Clear copy of your unexpired Driver’s License
    • If you ever paid or have been ordered to pay spousal or child support, or if you receive it and would like it considered, forward a copy of your final divorce decree and/or current court order.

If you own any other real estate, please include the following for each property owned

      • 1. Current Mortgage Statement (s)
      • 2. Current property tax bill
      • 3. Current insurance declaration page
      • 4. Lease or rental agreement, if applicable
      • 5. Homeowners association bill, if applicable

If you are applying for a VA loan, a copy of your DD214 and Certificate of Eligibility if you have it. We can order the Certificate of Eligibility
Also, be prepared to provide letters of explanation that are signed and dated for any or all of the following

      • 1. Major negative items on your credit report (Collections, bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc)
      • 2. Any non-payroll deposits on your bank statements, even the small ones. You may need to provide supporting documentation depending on the frequency and size of the deposits.

If self –employed, most recent two years federal tax returns with all pages and schedules

      • Include all W2s and K1s if applicable
      • Include a year to date profit and loss

It is important to get all of this information back to your loan officer as soon as possible. The purpose of this information is to make sure you get final loan approval and everything runs smoothly.

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Some Additional Paperwork You MIGHT Need For Your Loan Application

In some circumstances, you could be asked for the following depending on your situation or what types of assets you use for closing.  We will advise once we know a little more about your situation.

    • CDs, money market, stock and investment accounts, and retirement. (Include all pages, even the blank or “disclaimer” pages. If you are including retirement accounts, forward the “terms of withdrawal” i.e. documentation explaining how and when you can withdraw funds)
    • If self –employed, if you have a S or C Corp and more than 25% owner, then the Most recent two years corporate tax returns ( If applicable, with all pages and schedules )