We often hear stories of mold-ridden homes overtaking the structural integrity and lives of the residents who live in said homes, but it’s often not noticed until it’s far too late. In this post, we’ll be discussing what to look out for when researching your first home, it’s integrity, and whether or not it has the characteristics of mold-inhabitation.

Areas to Be Extra Aware of with Mold Growth

Any areas of the country which happen to be in humid, hot climates; you’ll want to take extra care to have a thorough inspection performed prior to agreeing to purchase the home. This vulnerability in hotter, moister climates is due to the fact that mold loves this type of environment and it thrives extremely well in such a climate.

Homes in areas such as Hawaii, California, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, etc… all have a much higher risk of having mold-infested homes, especially if they’re older properties.

Home-Related Side-Effects of Mold Growth

Some of the most common side-effects of mold growth when touring a home will be the presence of musty smells which some say reminds them of an old gym bag or dirty clothes.

If this smell is present anywhere within your potential first home, immediately alert your realtor and question them on whether or not they’re aware of any prior history with mold issues. Additionally, some common side-effects of mold growth on a home are effects to the structural integrity of the home itself.

Often times you’ll see rotting starting to take place and perhaps a slight tilt in the overall structure due to a compromised, moldy piece of wood. This scenario not only presents a health risk, but a physical livelihood risk as well if the framework of the home were to collapse while you’re inside.

Health-Related Side-Effects of Mold Growth

If you have happened to move into your first home and are now noticing some of the aforementioned smells and symptoms of your house possibly being mold-infested, you may have begun to notice some health-related side effects as well.

Most folks don’t realize that mold can be a problem living near the ocean. They think of the crisp sea air and forget that the air is full of moisture and a home that is closed off part of the year is a susceptible to mold. Add to this that inspectors describe mold in this way, “… and it can kill you.” It’s no wonder mold is a deal killer! – Harborview Realty in Marco Island

Everything from forgetfulness, to exhaustion when you’ve already had a full night’s sleep, to chronic migraine headaches with blurry vision that seemingly appeared only after you moved into your first home.

These are all signs of mold exposure and you should consult your physician immediately. You’ll then want to locate a mold-inspection company to test the air within your home and obtain some samples to see if your home is affected. Overall, you’ll want to place a high priority on your health and not mess around if an issue such as this arises.

As mentioned before, if you’re in an area of the country which has high heat and high moisture, you’ll want to always have a thorough home inspection performed before agreeing to any conditions which lock you into the home transaction. This way, you’ll be able to potentially avoid the mold-infested home in the first place.

What You Should Do if You Discover Mold

Don’t panic!

It’s not good, but since there there are many remediations for this mold problem you may be experiencing. There are a number of mold removal companies whom are well-trained in the process of removing mold from your newly-purchased home. They’re the experts, but it’s always wise to have a second opinion from another mold analyst as well to ensure any and all mold is eradicated.  It’s not as easy as a simple cleaning or pressure washing either!

Once it’s been removed and is safe, you can go back in an rebuild the areas that were affected.  Often you get a new room in the process as a sort of, consolation prize.  The smell of new paint is always better than the smell of mold, am I right?

What are Your Rights as a Homeowner?

Every state’s laws are different, but if the homeowner and/or realtor knew of pre-existing moldy conditions and sold the house to you without your knowledge of said conditions, that may be grounds for legal action.

Consult a local law professional in your area who has dealt with such cases before and they will be able to guide you through to the next best course of action.

Overall, Put Your Health First

The bottom line is mold is nothing to mess around with and with real estate, it’s even more crucial to make sure your home is mold-free! Your health is what matters most in this life and without it, the rest of your life begins to suffer. Your work, your hobbies, your general livelihood will deteriorate around you, much like your home, if the mold is not removed properly. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and feel free to contact us if you’re in the market for your first home and would like one of our qualified real estate agents to show you some of our best homes on the market!