Starting a life together in your very first and very own house is a beautiful beginning. You have found your perfect home, but there are always some adjustments you wish to make. By buying a house you have already spent a lot of money, so that might not leave you with much to spend on renovations. That is why you should focus on smaller things that will change the atmosphere in your new home.

The Basics of Remodeling

Everyone dreams of a big fancy kitchen, master bedroom and luxurious living room. However, there’s not much room for such dreams if your roof is leaking, or the siding has cracked. Take a good look at your new home and see what it truly misses.

First and foremost, your house should be functional and that is not possible without the basics. Basic home maintenance includes a new roof, siding, gutter system, functional appliances, good installations, heating and duct systems, and all of these will ensure a better and safer life for you and your family. Not to mention how these can increase the value of your home in the future. Additionally, when buying your first home, pay attention to all these; if the damage is too big, move on to the next house, but if you know you can fix it, do it fast.

The Neighborhood – See The Patterns and Beat Them


Improve vs the neighbors

If the neighbors all live in shotgun shacks, then step it up to improve your hosue value.

The neighborhood surrounding your new home is probably one of the factors you considered when buying it. Now that you have bought it, take a look around. All the houses are similar and you can figure out which home improvements actually pay off. Also, you can even make new friends from the neighborhood and take their advice on renovation of the interior.

I.e. If most of the houses in this area have 2 bathrooms, upgrading your bathrooms will certainly pay off and add value. It’s time for you to give your signifant other a gardening gift set of tools so he can go to work on improving your landscaping. Just some attention to your flower boxes, hedges and sidewalk linings can significantly improve your curb appeal.

Use What You Have

Figure what you can afford to remodel

Every first time home buyer wishes to give their new house a luxurious tone. Sometimes, that is not possible when on the budget, but you can make the best of what you have. Basements and attics are mostly overlooked when it comes to remodeling. If your new home has either one of them, do your best and turn them into a living space.

An attic can be a nice guest room or even a theater room, while the basement can be turned into practically anything – from guest room to playroom. By remodeling the rooms you already have and utilizing their space, you will save plenty of money and also avoid the hassle of adding an entirely new structure on your property.

Door and Window Makeover

Doors and windows in your new home will tell you a lot about it. If there is just one rotten plank or smudged glass, the house will look neglected. That is why you should give into this small but refreshing project. Switch the old front door with new ones, painted in some bright color. An interestingly looking front door will make your entire house look welcoming. For maximum effect, do this indoors as well. If you wish to divide the dining and living room, you can always add some stylish aluminium sliding doors and transform the space whenever you like.

As far as windows are concerned, any rotten or bad wood should be removed and replaced with new one. If the windows are not functional, you will lose a lot of money on the electrical bills, and the overall insulation of the house will be bad. Also, you have to decorate them in order to make them more attractive and you can do that with some stylish curtains. Additionally, you can set up some classic blinds or shutters and complete the look of your home both in and outdoors.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying your first home, but there will always be some remodeling. In order to avoid spending too much money, you should stick to the basic remodeling projects that can instantly change the looks of your first home.

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