KortneyWe’re looking at major cities across the United States and asking the top Realtors in those markets to examine the first time buyer market in their area. We recently talked to Realtor Kortney Wilson and here’s what she had to say:

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Realtor Kortney Wilson
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Q1. What’s the biggest fear you hear about from first time buyers about the process, and how do you respond to it?

I often hear that although they want to buy a house, they aren’t sure if they can afford it and they are scared that there will be unexpected cost. This is the very first step to the process and it’s really important to have a great lender in the mix. We are very clear on the front end that what one can afford and the amount that one is comfortable spending are two different things and it’s important to know what the fees will be before the search starts so the buyer isn’t surprised by any of the costs associated with buying a home. Expectations need to be set which can ultimately make this process quite enjoyable. And it should be!

Q2. When you bought your own first home, what did you learn about the process?

I learned that I should have asked more questions about what to expect so I was less surprised – ha. My agent was good but she took for granted that I knew what was about to happen next. Everyone on my team is really aware of this and we try and explain things as best as possible. We hope that this process runs really smoothly for the first time home buyer but we want to guide them through it so little hiccups don’t seem like big problems when they arise.

Q3. Is now a good time to be a first time buyer in Nashville? Why or why not?

I think it’s a challenging time to be a buyer anywhere in Nashville right now. It’s most definitely a sellers market with as many people as 1000/month moving to Nashville. It’s important to be prepared to move quickly if the right house comes up but even more importantly, it’s becoming increasingly important for the buyers agent to have his or her finger on the pulse to know what is coming up in the marketplace.

Q4. Is there anything special or unique about Nashville or Tennessee in general that first timers should know about?

Nashville is not just a country music town, although we love that it is. The most surprising thing to most people visiting here is that it really has a little something for everyone. Music, art, fantastic research hospitals and universities, tons of small thriving businesses and a diverse collection of restaurants fit for any palette. This is what makes Nashville one of the coolest cities in American. I also happen to think it’s one of the friendliest cities.

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