When you are thinking about buying your first house probably the LAST thing on your mind are trees…but they’re a huge potential positive and negative when it comes to your home.
There are a lot of items that you as a first time buyer might overlook or just not even think about all together. The impact that trees may have on the value of your home and living situation is most likely one of the things that you have not given any thought to!
In Nashville, TN there a lot of young first time home buyers and I have heard horror stories of people not knowing what they are getting into when they overlooked costs that they had not anticipated taking on. It would be very upsetting if something as simple as a tree were to affect you in a negative way you did not expect. Here are just a few of the most immediate things to consider before you start planting, removing or maintaining trees that you already have.

How Healthy Are Those Trees?

Sometimes…it’s obvious when a tree is unhealthy. Other times, it’s more complicated!

 There’s nothing more beautiful that a large healthy tree with a wide spreading canopy. Having large trees on your property can really establish that homey feel, and boost to property value, that can’t be achieved by any other means.
 An unhealthy tree however can be a danger to you and your property, especially a large one. When tree limbs die its only a matter of time before they fall this can severely hurt or kill someone and do a tremendous amount of damage to your house or surrounding structures. Sometimes an unhealthy tree can be saved but others the tree has irreversible damage and unfortunately there is no other option but to remove it.

Size (& Location) Matters…At Least For Trees

 Pay attention to the size of the current trees that are established on your property and be sure to give thought to the eventual size of the ones you are considering planting. Overhead power lines and the roofs of structures are things that you would benefit to be clear of. Nothing is more painful than watching a tree be carelessly hacked away by the lowest bidder for the power line clearance contract, whoever it may be that year.
How do you know if a tree will fall?

How do you know if a tree will fall before it happens?

Not only do you have to worry about the size of the tree above the ground but what is beneath the soil can cause problems as well. Tree roots can reek havoc on the foundation of structures on your property. They can even grow under INTO your pipes and back ups your sinks and drains!
A general rule of thumb is expect roots of a tree to be approximately 1.5 times as wide as the crown of the tree. This varies greatly depending on the species of the tree and may not cause any problems even if they do spread as far as you foundation, but it is definitely something you need to be aware of as the new home owner.

What Do First Time Buyers Need To Know About Trees

        These are just a couple of things that I would not doubt would be overlooked by first time buyers. Keep an eye out and you might start to notice a ton of details that might have never crossed your mind before. At the end of the day trees can greatly benefit you and your home. If any of the points made here are cause for concern in your current situation do not hesitate to contact your local tree service today!

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