Why is it that we treat ourselves to lavish lifestyle only ten days a year (in the best case scenario) when we are on vacation? Why shouldn’t we make that five star beachfront hotel experience our commonplace reality? Furnishing and decorating your first home can be a great opportunity to start anew. Begin and end your every day with some of that luxurious decadence. If you are concerned that with all the expenses that come with buying a new home your budget will not suffice for any extravagance, fear not. It takes just a few simple steps to create a home version of paradise.

Put the Bed in ‘Bedroom’

If you really want to feel like the king of your castle, start with the bedroom. A King or Queen is a logical choice of a bed if you are purchasing a new one. One thing all hotel beds have in common is a headboard you can lay your head against. Think soft plush. If you have an old bed, upgrade it with a new mattress or topper. Remember the story of the princess on the pea? That should be your guiding idea, only minus the pea. Buy the highest quality cotton sheets you can afford, and match them with plump down pillows, and a down comforter. Do not forget decorative pillows, too. Add a side table on each side of the bed and a TV set for full comfort.

Never Overlook the Curtains

Window coverings add a sophisticated touch to any space. As soon as you walk into a hotel room, you can notice that window coverings perfectly match the rest of the room theme. If they are not made from the same material as the bed coverings, at least they are similar in colour and style. Instead of buying pre-made curtains at a local home improvement store, it is always a better option to buy fabric and sew custom curtains and draperies for your luxurious home. The best fabrics for this purpose are silk and damask. If you are not a dexterous seamstress, ask a relative or a friend to make them for you.

Make a Personal Spa in Your Own Home

When you get your first home you can get a spa-like bathroom with just a few scented candles and a plush towel. Add a large mirror and a bar of French soap and we are already talking extravagance. Chance are that you will be making some bathroom improvements in the first few months after your moving in. In this case, go for a glass-enclosed walk-in shower with a jet shower head. If your budget allows it, include heated towel racks and under floor heating. All you need is a light dimmer, a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your steel door handle, and a soft cotton bathrobe, and a spa break can start.

Poolside Party Without a Pool

Our guess is you do not have an indoor pool. This does not mean you could not have all the fun that comes with it. If there is enough space, place a set of outdoor chairs and a small bar fridge stacked with a selection of your favorite beverages on your balcony or patio and – voila. The party can begin.

Add Greenery in Every Room

Whether you prefer fresh cut bouquets in a vase, potted house plants, or elegant centrepiece arrangements, any kind of flowers and greenery improve the aesthetics of your home. Potted plants are perhaps the most affordable option, since they do not need to be replaced as often. Orchids are elegant, and will luxe-up your life, but if they are too expensive for you, a large palm in an urn-style planter is just as effective in any entryway. If you do not have a green thumb, dry flowers and acorns will also bring a touch of nature.

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